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Now a days responsive web designs are very rapidly acquiring the web design market and trying to get fitted in to each new devices. So in presence of this it is noticed that a new or less experienced web developers/designers faces problem to display each elements of website properly and symmetrically on different devices and one of the most important element is main navigation of the website.

As in desktop version we can get much space to float our website main navigation but it mobile device it quite difficult to fit in, and either that requires to convert normal menu navigation to dropdown navigation or shrinking the menu to fit in device or something else that fits in your layout design.

So here I am sharing one of the best Joomla Module and plugin I experienced with is – Joomla Maxi Menu CK


You can download module for Joomla Maxi Menu CK, which is actually non-commercial and free to use.

Download Joomla Maxi Menu CK


After downloading and installing the module you have to buy its mobile plugin – Plugin Maximenu CK Mobile. This plugin will allow you to transform your normal navigation to responsive or mobile navigation.

Just publish the plugin and choose the module you want to use as main mobile menu in the options. Then you can choose the resolution limit to activate the mobile menu, and one of the two preinstalled themes.

Plugin Setting maximenuck_plugin_mobile

After activating and configuring the plugin you will notice that on mobile devices standard Maximenu will be hidded and new control bar will appear at the top of the page with an icon to open the mobil menu.

maximenuck Responsive Menu



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